A CEU is known as a continuing education unit, which is weighted as 10 hours of participation in an accredited training program in a given field. The standards associated with CEUs are determined by the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET).  CEUs can be earned in various fields, but at camInstructor, our focus is on providing the in-depth Mastercam CEU training materials needed by CNC machinists and CNC instructors looking to further hone their skills.

Our training materials can be utilized by other accredited CEU providers, such as colleges, universities, and others in need of in-depth, hands-on, online courses to utilize in their own advanced CNC continuing education programs. Our versatile Mastercam training materials will help your students further develop their proficiency as CNC machinists or CNC instructors in no time at all. We offer online training programs for use in CNC CEU programs, as well as physical training materials for use in classroom settings.

Continuing education units, often referred to as continuing education credits (CECs), are also required of current CNC machinists and programmers to ensure they remain up to date with changing practices in the field of CNC machining. Proof of earned continuing education credits is required for CNC certification renewal.

Before signing up for a CNC CEU training program, you will want to ensure that the training they provide is IACET-approved. While most universities and colleges are authorized to provide CEUs in various fields, you will want to check first. The same goes for any providers of CEUs for CNC machining that can be earned online from businesses that offer such training online or in a classroom.

If you think your CNC program could benefit from our flexible Mastercam CEU training materials and resources, contact us today to get started. In addition, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Let us help you determine which of our products make the most sense for your program’s needs.