Mastercam 2020 Training Guide - Mill 2D

Number of Lessons: 14
Suitable For: All Levels
ISBN #:978-1-988766-36-2


This 484 page Instructional Training Guide provides all the instructions you need to learn 2D Geometry Creation (CAD) and 2.5D Toolpath Creation (CAM) in Mastercam. It includes:

(Please note the Mastercam 2020 software is still in beta. Those with active maintenance can download it from Mastercam.  Regarding the Home Learning Edition software, you will have access to the 2019 HLE until it is available.  Once it becomes available it will automatically be uploaded to your online course site.)

  • 9 lessons on how to use Mastercam to create 2.5D Mechanical CAD drawings and 2.5D Toolpaths for milling parts on a Vertical CNC Milling Machine.
  • Lesson on how to use Mastercams new High Speed and Dynamic Toolpaths.
  • Lessons on how to import a Solid Model from SolidWorks, Inventor and Creo and use Mastercam's solid chaining features.
  • 5 lessons on using WCS (Work Coordinate System)
  • Tips and Techniques on how to perform common functions in Mastercam.
  • 2 Exercise drawings for each lesson plus 3 Advanced Exercises.
  • Instructions for generating G-Code for each lesson. 
  • All lessons are designed so when they are completed the finished part can be machined.
  • We are now including our Solids material with the Mill 2D online access.

The book comes with:

  1. A username and password to get you access to the content of the books online for 1 year. 
  2. Access to online detailed instructional videos for each lesson in the book.
  3. Access to download the Mastercam Home Learning Edition Software installation.

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